Previous Productions

bare (Spring 2023)


Book & Music by Damon Intrabartolo
Book & Lyrics by Jon Hartmere
Directed by Laura Welsh Berg

The senior students of St. Cecilia’s Catholic Boarding School are grappling with the frivolities and intensities of coming of age. What clothes to wear, what music to listen to, what party to attend. Which people they can love. Through a dynamic contemporary pop rock score, Peter and his schoolmates search for a way to express themselves within the confines of their parents’ expectations, their own social pressures, and the strict confines of their religious upbringing. When their own self identities conflict with other's ideas, what is their duty to the rules they didn't write? And if 'the truth will set us free' what price do we pay for hiding who we are?

This marks the 16th anniversary of spring partnership productions with Playhouse Square and Baldwin Wallace University. Laura Welsh Berg will direct BARE in her debut production as a Baldwin Wallace Music Theatre faculty member.

Jason - Trevor Gill-Snow
Peter - Mateus Leite Cardoso
Ivy - Maggie Newcomb
Nadia - Sophia Edwards
Matt - Dakota Renteria
Lucas - Jack Prisco
Kyra (Sr. Chantelle U/S) - Kechanté
Tanya - Jaedynn Latter
Diane - Avery Elledge
Rory (Jason U/S) - Keaton Miller
Zach (Matt U/S) - Justin Lee-Price
Alan (Lucas U/S) - Kyle MacDonald
Claire - Andie Peterson
Sr. Chantelle - Sydney Jaye
Priest - Richard Morgan
Ensemble - Gabi Ilg
Swing (Dance Captain, Ivy U/S) - Julia Martin
Swing (Peter & Priest U/S) - Jonah Warhaft
Swing (Male Ensemble) - Anthony Mejia
Keyboard 1/Conductor - Harrison Roth
Keyboard 2 - Frances Vonada
Cello - Jackie Kaminski
Guitars - Michael Simile, Joe Brown
Bass - Jo Arnold
Drums - Evan Mitchell

Production Team:
Director - Laura Welsh Berg
Choreographer - Lauren Tidmore
Music Director - Harrison Roth
Scenic/Lighting/Costume Designer - Russ Borski
Sound Designer - Patrick Kiernan
Production Coordinator - Jack-Anthony Ina
Production Stage Manager - Kyra Conkright
Assistant Stage Managers - Charis Ellet, Elise Hill, Katherine Dunham
Assistant Directors - Julia Cooke, Evan Lilienthal
Assistant Music Director - Frances Vonada
Electronic Music Programmer - Chase Kessler
Assistant Sound Designer - DJ Brannan