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Into the Woods (Fall 2021)

Baldwin Wallace University presents the timeless classic, "Into the Woods," the Tony Award-winning Sondheim masterpiece!

Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM
Originally Directed on Broadway by James Lapine
Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick
Written by Geoff Deane and Tim Firth

Directed by Victoria Bussert

A co-production with the Conservatory of Music’s music theatre program and the department of theatre and dance.

I wish...

Into the Woods follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King's Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch's curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone's wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results.

Into the Woods is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Cinderella Cast:
Baker - Andrew Faria
Baker's Wife - Audrey Hare
Cinderella - Camille Brooks
Cinderella's Mother - Lauren Senden
Cinderella's Prince - Dasheill Gregory
Florinda - Savannah Cooper
Granny/Giant Voice - Retta Laumann
Jack - Danny Bó
Jack's Mother - Piper Bruce
Little Red Ridinghood - Katelyn Baughman
Lucinda - Sydney Whittenburg
Mysterious Man - Kyle Clark
Narrator - Sam Nasar
Rapuzel - Alexa Lopez
Rapunzel's Prince - Mike Bindeman
Sleeping Beauty - Kenna Wilson
Snow White - Bella Serrano
Stepmother - Kinza Surani
Steward - Luke Henson
Witch - Autumn Key
Wolf - Ricky Moyer

Prince Cast:
Baker - Dario Alvarez
Baker's Wife - Amelia Beckham
Cinderella - Claire Marie Miller
Cinderella's Mother - Lauren Senden
Cinderella's Prince - Jack Hale
Florinda - Victoria Lurz
Granny/Giant Voice - Retta Laumann
Jack - Nicolas Hermick
Jack's Mother - Mia Soriano
Little Red Ridinghood - Eileen Brady
Lucinda - Sydney Jaye
Mysterious Man - Rodrigo Torrejon
Narrator - Lee Price
Rapuzel - Jessi Kirtley
Rapunzel's Prince - Makay Johnson
Sleeping Beauty - Kenna Wilson
Snow White - Bella Serrano
Stepmother - Andie Peterson
Steward - Keaton Miller
Witch - RhonniRose Mantilla
Wolf - Jack Borenstein

Understudy Cast:
Baker - Dan Rice
Baker's Wife - Mia Soriano
Cinderella - Sydney Whittenburg
Cinderella's Mother/Rapunzel - Hanako Walrath
Cinderella's Prince - Will Boone
Florinda/Lucinda - Avery Elledge
Granny/Giant Voice - Bryanna Cuthill
Jack - Trevor Gill-Snow
Jack's Mother - Hailey Elberg
Little Red Ridinghood - Kate Magocsi
Mysterious Man - Richard Morgan
Narrator - Noah Wohlsen
Rapunzel's Prince - Jeremy Gobrogge
Stepmother - Maggie Solimine
Steward - JT Snow
Witch - Kris Lyons
Wolf - Zach Mackiewicz

Keyboard 1/Conductor - Matthew Webb
Keyboard 2/Assistant Music Director - Chase Kessler
Flute/Piccolo - Sean Gabriel
Clarinet - Bettyjeane Quimby
Trumpet - Scott McKee
Horns - Aiden Call, Martin Mann
Violin - Evan Kleve
Cello - Daniel Pereira
Percussion - Andrew Pongracz

Creative Team:
Director - Victoria Bussert
Music Director - Matthew Webb
Choreographer - Gregory Daniels
Scenic Designer - Jeff Herrmann
Costume Designer - Tesia Dugan Benson
Wig Designer - Nicholas Lynch-Voris
Lighting Designer - David Allen Stoughton
Sound Designer - Angela Baughman
Production Stage Manager - Imani Robinson
Casting Director - Colleen Longshaw Jackson
Producer - Bryan Bowser
Associate Music Director - Lindsay Miller
Assistant Music Directors - Harrison Rothblott, Chase Kessler
Assistant Scenic Designer - Abigail Manard
Assistant Costume Designer - Jake Glowienke
Assistant Lighting Designers - Jesse Uguccini, Gianna Chapman
Assistant Stage Managers - Madi Burwell, Michaela Henry, Jonathan Horowitz

Production Crew:
Production & Technical Director - Dylan Fujimura
Assistant Technical Director - Joshua Padgett
Shop Foreperson - Jordan Campbell, Caroline Pali
Carpenters - Emily Bailey, Mario Benjamin, Marcus Class, Claire Lynch, Ellie Leppert, Ava Mastrone, Michael Shoultz, Nathan Wasinski
Painters - Gracie Albus, Abby Bilson, Kenzie Hall, Ashley Platt
Props - Ambu Dubella, Marisa Hubbard, Grace Newell, Julia Smith
Sound - DJ Brannan, Jason Diers, Sophia Madge
Light Shop Foreperson - Jesse Uguccini
Lighting Crew - Kyra Conkwright, Retta Lauman, Hunter Miller
Master Electrician - Jesse Uguccini
Draper - Diana Spring Sidley
Costume Shop Manager - Melanie Boeman
Costume Shop Foremen - Jake Glowienke, Corrine Starks
Costume Construction Crew - Jimmy Contakis, Jake Glowienke, Corrine Starks, Gayle Gillen, Brianna Piersoll, Arianna Smedley, Aislynn Clark, Nelia Holley, Lokelani Smith, Bella Smith, Hannah Hodge, Camden Jennings, Grace Kellicker, Audrey Post, Claire Marie Miller
Wardrobe Supervisor - Corrine Starks
Wardrobe Assistant - Erica Henning
Wardrobe Crew - Madison Helenthal, Sydney Lewis, Major McCarty, Sarah Frederickson, Ava Ruocco, Miah Montesano, Jaedyn Latter
Box Office Manager - Zakeia Curry
Box Office Assistants - Charis Ellett, Rachel Grossman, Reed Kruger, Sarah Oberstar, Emma Sarkissian
House Manager - Charis Ellet, Sarah Oberstar, Joelle Watson

Arts Management Producing Team:
Claire Bond, Kevin Bubnick, Maid Burwell, Genevieve Carreno, Kiris Marie Fox, Michaela Henry, Meriah Miles, Aly Reid, Kelly Schikowski, Bryan Bowser (Faculty Advisor)